About Andy

Andy Meehan is the passionate conservative businessman from Bucks County who has stepped up to challenge the Anti-Trump RINO Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick for the PA-01 house seat in the April 28th, 2020 Republican primary. Unlike the incumbent, Andy will go to Washington DC to stand up and fight for our Republican values, our President and his America First agenda.
Andrew Meehan
  • Supports President Trump
  • Will Vote Republican Values
  • Supports 2nd Amendment
  • Will Vote to Fund the Wall.
  • Opposes Amnesty.
  • Signed No New Taxes Pledge.
  • Defund Sanctuary Cities.
  • Defending Women's Sports and Spaces.
Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Condemns President Trump.
  • Casts 75% of Votes with Democrats.
  • For Banning Guns & "Red Flag" Laws.
  • Voted Against Wall Funding.
  • Voted for Amnesty for Illegals.
  • Supports Carbon Taxes.
  • Supports Sanctuary Cities.
  • Voted for "Transgender Equality."



Questions or comments? Please contact Andy Meehan for Congress. Andy Meehan is Available for Interviews. PR Contact Name: Chris Sofield,…
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