2/17/20 MEEHAN MESSAGE TO FITZPATRICK: Stop Your Campaign’s Sexist Bullying Attacks on Our Volunteers


February 17, 2019

Peggy Boudin, a female volunteer for the Meehan Campaign, made the following statement:

On Saturday, February 15th, Matt Gruda, a paid Fitzpatrick campaign staffer, repeatedly harassed and intimidated me while I was attempting to collect ballot petition signatures in Bensalem, PA. He did not engage in this bullying, aggressive behavior towards any of our male volunteers, or to me when I was standing with male volunteers. Matt Gruda only came after me when I was alone.

I believe he was targeting me because I’m a senior citizen and because I’m a woman. His behavior was not only intimidating to me, but also to the female voters I was speaking to, one of whom was only comfortable signing the MEEHAN petition after Matt Gruda left.

Andy Meehan made the following statement:

Brian Fitzpatrick has repeatedly refused to engage me personally on issues. Instead, Congressman Fitzpatrick continues to hide behind campaign surrogates and media allies who try to smear me personally. While this is unfortunate, I understood what I was getting into when I decided to run against Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican.

However, his campaign aide’s harassment of my volunteer crosses a line.

My direct message to Brian Fitzpatrick: Back off. I will not tolerate sexist intimidation and bullying of my volunteers or of voters trying to sign my petitions.

Brian — it’s time to stop hiding and give the voters of Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District the fair and open debate they deserve.

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