11/11/19 Dark Money Radical “Transgender” Group Supporting Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District Candidate Andy Meehan issued the following statement today:

“A dark money group named the American Unity Fund has launched a website calling for people to “thank” Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick. https://www.americanunityfund.com

But the agenda they are thanking him for is entirely contrary to the safety of women, the combat efficiency of the military, and fairness to female athletes.

“The AUF demands that ‘transgendered’ men be allowed in women’s only places like bathrooms. They demand that the US military not only admit ‘transgendered’ servicemen, but that it pays for gender transition surgery. And they believe that our daughters should have to compete for athletic scholarships against biological males.  https://www.americanunityfund.com/single-post/2018/03/28/GOP-and-military-leaders-overwhelmingly-push-back-on-Trumps-tweets-suggesting-a-ban-on-trans-military-service

“There’s nothing unusual about a dark money group supporting a radical agenda. The problem is that the congressman they’re calling on people to ‘thank’ agrees with them on all of these issues and currently represents Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District in Congress. Brian Fitzpatrick is out of touch with Bucks County and out of touch with Republican values. https://www.americanunityfund.com/single-post/2017/02/28/AUF-responds-to-Trump-Administrations-anti-LGBTQ-actions

“I stand with President Trump and our party on opposing requiring women’s bathrooms and athletics be open to biological men, and I oppose admitting transgenders into the military, much less paying for their ongoing gender reassignment treatments at taxpayer expense.”

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