1/20/20 Meehan Response to Fitzpatrick’s Latest Attack Ad

Today, Andy Meehan issued the following statement in response to Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s latest attack ad:

Thirteen years ago, I made a mistake in driving home from my local bar in the snow. I had a low-speed collision with another car that was parked at a traffic light which caused minor damage. I then pulled over into a parking lot, waited for police, and told them I was drinking. I was convicted, served a forty-eight-hour sentence in Bucks County Prison and a suspension of my license, and paid some steep fines.

I greatly regret that incident and have not had any other like it before or since.

Meehan’s Campaign Manager, Chris Sofield, issued the following statement:

Brian Fitzpatrick’s attack on Andy Meehan over a thirteen-year-old DUI is a distraction from the issues that matter to voters in the district and is disingenuous.

If Fitzpatrick cared about drunk driving deaths, he would fight against the epidemic of Americans killed every year by drunk driving illegal aliens. However, Fitzpatrick perpetuates the problem by opposing funding to secure our southern border, where 97% of all illegal entries take place, and by supporting federal funding for so-called “sanctuary cities” that set criminal aliens free to commit more crimes.

One of Fitzpatrick’s own constituents, Sis Davis, a 79-year-old grandmother, was killed in November, 2018, by an illegal alien drunk driver who had multiple DUIs and had been set free earlier that same day by the “Sanctuary City” policy of Philadelphia.

While Andy Meehan for Congress hosted a one-year memorial for the family of Sis Davis, and has laid out a plan for dealing with the problem, Brian Fitzpatrick has said absolutely nothing, done absolutely nothing, and was a no-show at the Sis Davis Memorial held by Andy Meehan for Congress on November 16, 2019. Sis Davis’ daughter Donna Poiron and the family of Sis Davis attempted to contact Brian Fitzpatrick numerous times about the brutal and preventable death of her mother: Brian Fitzpatrick never contacted the family, and has remained silent.

Fitzpatrick has refused to debate Andy or even show up at the same event. Instead, Congressman Fitzpatrick has released another slimy political ad on Youtube that conceals that he’s the one paying for it, skirting the FEC’s “Stand By Your Ad” rules.

It’s time for Brian Fitzpatrick to stop hiding behind slimy ads and debate the issues that matter to Republicans in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.


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