Ballot Signature Collection Toolbox

In order to get Andy Meehan on the ballot for the April 28th Republican Primary, we must collect signatures from voters who are registered in the district. We need your help! This page has all of the information you will need to help get Andy on the ballot.

Most importantly, if you have an questions, please call Chris Sofield at 267.912.1956 or email

How to Get Started

The first step is to let us know that you’re interested. Go to the Volunteer page, fill it out, and check the option saying you’re interested in signatures. Then review the rest of the information on this page, especially the video, and  you’re ready to go out and get signatures.

Deadline for Returning Signatures

We have TWO Collection Events:

  • February 12 at 6 PM at Johnny Apples Restaurant, 184 Buck Rd, Holland, Pennsylvania 18966.
  • Last Call: February 17 from 7 PM to 10 PM at Johnny Apples, 184 Buck Rd, Holland, Pennsylvania 18966.

You can bring your signature sheets there. If you can’t make it, please reach out to Chris (267.912.1956) so he can make other arrangements to collect them.

Instructional Video on Ballot Signature Collection

Useful Documents and Links:

Ballot Petition Form. This is the form you will get people to sign. If you print it yourself, it must be printed double-sided with Page 1 on one side and Page 2 on the other. If you want to get some blank forms from the campaign, please contact us at or call Chris at 267.912.1956.

Ballot Signature Collection How-To Document. This has all of the guidance, scripts, and links  encapsulated in a single PDF for your convenience.

Voter Registration Lookup. This page is run by the state government and will allow anyone to check their own voter registration information. This information is also available by phone at 877.VOTESPA.

Interactive District Map. This tool shows you the boundaries of the First Congressional District and allows a voter to confirm that their address is within the district.

Collection Guidelines

  1. Voters must write in the township or borough. Do not use town names.
  2. Ask “What name is on local police cars?” to determine the township.
  3. You (the signature collector) and the voter must be registered Republicans.
  4. Voters must live in the district at the time they sign.
  5. If a voter has signed for another congressional candidate, they cannot sign our form.
  6. Do not staple forms together; this will disqualify the forms.
  7. Any error on a form will disqualify all of the signatures on that form. To correct an error, cross through the bad entry line with a pen and move on to a fresh form.
  8. Don’t collect more than five to seven voter signatures on a single form to minimize the risk of many signatures being disqualified due to one error.
  9. Is a voter unsure if they’re qualified? Have them check their status using the state website or by calling the board of registration at 877.VOTESPA.

Sample Script

“Hi, may I speak with [voter name] or any registered Republican?”

If yes, hand them Meehan literature and continue:

“I’m a volunteer for Andy Meehan for Congress. Andy is a Republican running for Congress in the primary. Will you sign our petition to help Andy get on the ballot? While we’d be grateful for your vote, signing this does not require you to vote for him or to vote at all.”

If yes, and before letting the voter sign, ask these questions. They must have the indicated answers to sign.

“Are you a registered Republican?” [Yes]

“Did you sign any other candidate’s form?” [No]

If they answer correctly, make sure their writing is legible, complete and correct. Then, you may ask:

“Are you interested in getting a yard sign or getting more information?”

If they answer yes, you may add their information to the voter request form, which is on the second page of the Ballot Signature Collection How-To Document.