Andy Meehan released the following statement today (PDF Version):

I have a daughter and eight nieces, and I am disturbed by the intrusion of biological males into girls’ athletic programs and women-only spaces that threatens both women’s opportunities and their safety.

Therefore, I promise that the first piece of legislation that I will introduce after I’m elected will be the “Fair Play for Women Act” that will guarantee the following:

    • No college or university that receives federal funding shall be allowed to grant Title IX scholarships intended for women to biological men.
    • No primary or secondary public school that receives federal funding shall allow biological men to participate in girls’ athletic programs or girls’ spaces like locker rooms, showers, or bathrooms.
    • The federal government will not require any non-profit grant recipient to admit biological men into women’s only spaces, including but not limited shelters, sleeping areas, changing rooms, shower and bathroom areas.

Unfortunately, my opponent in this race, Brian Fitzpatrick is diametrically opposed to these protections for women.

Fitzpatrick is a co-sponsor of the so-called “Equality Act,” which requires universities to give Title IX scholarships intended for women to biological men, requires public schools to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports, and forces battered women shelters to admit men into women’s dormitories and shower areas.

I urge not just Republicans but common-sense voters of all parties to recognize that Fitzpatrick’s radical agenda is a threat to our daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives, and to support my campaign to replace him.


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